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Non-Surgical Alternative to Corrected Vision Gains in Popularity

Orthokeratology means wearing contacts at night for clear vision all day

RELEASE DATE:  April 16, 2018
CONTACT: Jeff Anshel, OD
(760) 292-3500

Encinitas, CA.  Dr. Jeff Anshel of Encinitas has been fitting patients for Ortho-K (orthokeratology) lenses for ten years. This non-surgical vision correction treatment is designed to help patients comfortably and safely improve their vision and in certain cases, slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness). Dr. Anshel reports, “In many ways, Ortho-K is a bit illogical. Instead of wearing contact lenses to see better when you are awake, you wear special contact lenses when you sleep. These lenses reshape your cornea while you are sleeping to improve your visual acuity.” Dr. Anshel notes 3a3c1c7c25eab2799d534127cc864327that the lenses are removed upon waking in the morning and should create near 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contacts for the rest of the day. The treatment is often used as an alternative to LASIK eye surgery or other surgical procedures for those who have nearsighted vision.

Ortho-K treatment can be beneficial for adults under the age of 60 and for children over the age of 6. “This is an extremely safe procedure so we treatment many children where glasses and certainly contact lenses is not a great option,” Dr. Anshel stated. The treatment is also helpful for patients with dry eyes, and patients who are just frustrated with regular daily eyeglass and contact lens wear but are concerned about getting LASIK eye surgery. There are many reasons why glasses and contacts may not be the best method to correct your vision, including the following:

  • Inconvenient, or interferes in physical activity, sports, and exercise
  • Irritated and dry eyes
  • Scratched eyeglasses and torn contact lenses
  • Risk of infection
  • Financial costs

Ortho-K can be a more convenient method of vision correction than glasses or contacts, but Dr. Anshel reports the procedure needs to be continued for the results to be maintained. The effects of Ortho-K typically last between 24 to 48 hours, and this positive effect is reversible if the Ortho-K lenses are discontinued. “What we see most often are patients who are otherwise looking for the results you get from LASIK surgery,” Dr. Anshel shared, “but they may be concerned about the surgical procedure. Additionally, LASIK is quite a bit more expensive.” Ortho-K lenses is also a viable option for children and teens who are too young for LASIK.

About Jeffrey Anshel, OD

Dr. Jeffrey Anshel is a 1975 graduate from the Illinois College of Optometry.  He has written numerous articles and seven books regarding nutritional influences on vision, stress factors that affect visual performance and computer vision concerns.  Dr. Anshel is the principal of Corporate Vision Consulting, where he addresses the issues surrounding visual demands while viewing digital images. He also lectures internationally on the topic of nutrition in eyecare. Dr. Anshel is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and Founder of the Ocular Nutrition Society. He currently practices at E Street Eyes: An Optometric Practice in Encinitas.



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