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Smart Medicine for Your EyesWritten by optometrist, Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, this well-conceived, intelligently compiled, clearly organized compendium of eye care offers basic information about the eye, an alphabetical listing of eye and visual system disorders, and, without prejudice, both conventional and alternative treatments for a wide range of common and unusual eye problems.

Part one gives basic information about the eyes and how to care for them, including detailed sections on nutrition, herbal therapies, and homeopathic remedies. The second section begins with a troubleshooting guide of symptoms and possible causes and a brief but thorough section on first aid, then discusses disorders of the eye and visual system in alphabetical order, from accommodative insufficiency and albinism to styes, subconjunctival hemorrhage, and suppression.

Each entry gives an overview of the disorder; conventional treatments and self-treatments; tables detailing effective nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic remedies; and a list of general recommendations.

The third section offers eye-care techniques and procedures, including the latest information on refractive surgeries and vision therapies. The appendix contains a useful glossary, a list of recommended suppliers of the supplements and remedies recommended throughout the book, and organizations to consult for further information.

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Taylor and Francis, Ltd. is proud to announce the publication of Visual Ergonomics in the Workplace, written by Dr. Jeffrey Anshel. This easy-to-read and richly illustrated introduction into the role of the visual system in the workplace provides professional ergonomists, human resource professionals, as well as the casual computer user with an understanding of the relationship between good vision and the efficiency and safety of job performance.

Opening with a discussion of how the visual system works and a historical perspective of how it has evolved, this book then examines the specific interactions and functional vision of the eye in the workplace. The role of the VDT monitor is discussed, initially from the viewpoint of its regular interaction with the eye, and then in terms of the causes, detection, and treatment of VDT-related problems, including Computer Vision Syndrome.

A broader perspective of industrial vision is also addressed, including issues of eye safety and comfort. In the final part of the book a number of areas are discussed in which practical action may be taken to improve conditions for the eye in the workplace. These include environmental, physical, and visual factors which can be improved for VDT use and general eye care, many of which address international standards and legislation.

This reference is destined to become the classic introductory guide to Visual Ergonomics. It will be a valuable reference for professionals, an authoritative source for employees, and a one-stop introduction for students of vision in the workplace.


Highly respected optometrists Dr. Barbara Pelletier and Dr. Laurie Capogna have developed a groundbreaking guide to improving eye health and preventing, suppressing, and slowing common eye disorders. Eyefoods: A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes, is supported by in-depth research and over 25 years of optometric experience. With the latest scientific study results, practical advice and meal ideas and recipes, Eyefoods is a comprehensive and easy to understand guide to science and health. This exciting new book highlights the power of nutrient rich foods such as green vegetables, cold water fish and orange vegetables in maintaining optimum eye health. Eyefoods explains exactly how simple it is to keep your eyes healthy for a lifetime while improving your overall health in the process.

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After reviewing a myriad of nutritional supplements to support eye health, Dr. Anshel has found that the products from Biosyntrx, Inc. are the most effective nutritional supplements available. This company is solely dedicated to eye health and has the scientific rationale for their formulas readily available on their website.

Their product line includes BioTears for dry eyes, Macula Complete for retinal health in older adults, Oculair for general ocular health in younger adults, ZoOmega-3 for fish oil supplementation, Epicor for immune system modulation, Zeaxanthin-4 for macular support, and Avantrx for weight control. They are pharmaceutical grade products and are made with top quality ingredients.

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