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Eye Nutrition Services

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If we see clearly, we tend to take our good vision and eyes for granted. But with aging comes the potential for chronic eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and more. Getting an eye disease is not inevitable due to old age but more likely caused by nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Anshel takes these conditions seriously, so we offer specific eye-related nutritional counseling for our patients. Please read on for more information on our services.


About our Nutritional Supplements:

After many years of reviewing a myriad of nutritional products, Dr. Anshel has found that the products from Biosyntrx, Inc. are the most effective nutritional supplements for eye health. This company is solely dedicated to eye health and has the scientific rationale for their formulas readily available on their website. Dr. Anshel has discussed nutrition science directly with their formulator and is confident that these products serve the needs of most patients for complete eye health. Please feel free to review their product line at their website:

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Disease and Nutrition

Chronic eye diseases tend to occur more frequently as we age. Glaucoma– an increase in pressure within the eye is most common after the age of 30. Cataracts mostly occur after 60, and macular degeneration is most common after 70. However, diabetes—the second leading cause of blindness– used to occur later in life but now can occur at any age. For this reason, we need to take a close look at these diseases and try to prevent them from occurring in the first place. We do not “catch” chronic eye diseases– they develop over many years. New research has shown that our nutritional state can influence the development of some of these diseases. In fact, there are about 60studies that link obesity with chronic eye disease. Our Encinitas optometrist has developed a program to offer several different nutritional evaluations that are designed to meet your specific needs. These will help us to determine your nutritional status, as well as what you need to do to help balance your nutritional intake. We also work closely with a qualified nutritionist who can help to initiate a program to help you get the most out of our recommendations.

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Nutrition Evaluation Services At E Street Eyes: An Optometric Practice:


Nutrient Evaluation Test

This test is a simple questionnaire that you fill out in our office or on-line. It is not based on actual food that you eat but on symptoms that you exhibit. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete. We send this form to a nutritional institute for evaluation. On your return visit to E Street Eyes: An Optometric Practice, we will review the results and make specific recommendations.


Nutritional Supplement Evaluation

Many patients are already taking some type of nutritional supplement. However, there is much confusion about what comprises a good supplement to support eye and general health. Our supplement evaluation review will look at your current supplements and let you know if you are taking the proper amount and balance of nutrients.

Laboratory Blood/Urine Tests

To get a true picture of your nutritional status, we can send you to a laboratory to get your blood drawn or urine tested. We will receive a report on your nutrient status and discuss the results with you. Your cost depends on your insurance coverage and we will follow up with an office visit to discuss your results.

Genetic Test for AMD

New research has shown that Macular Degeneration has a strong genetic link. If there is AMD in your family, then there may be a strong chance of your inheriting that risk. This new DNA test can determine your risk of AMD with just a swab of your cheek. If you maintain any type of health insurance, it will likely be a covered procedure. Our charge covers the cost for our in-office evaluation of the results of the test.



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