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Nutrition Articles

  • While we may think that we get all of our daily requirements of vitamins and minerals from our food, many times that isn't the case. In our fast-paced lifestyle, we might skip meals, just grab a "quick filler" or doughnut, or maybe just "toast and coffee" for breakfast. It's important to remember that vitamins (especially those that are water-soluble) don't build up in our body and need to be replenished regularly. Let's take a look at some supplements that can help us maintain the proper level of nutrients.
  • Although much attention has been focused on the need to reduce the amount of fat in the diet, the body does need some fat. During infancy and childhood, fat is necessary for normal brain development. Throughout life, it provides energy and supports growth. Fat is, in fact, the most concentrated source of energy available to the body. However, after the age of two, the body requires only small amounts of fat—much less than what is provided by the average American diet.
  • Thinking about taking a vitamin supplement to help your eyes? Good for you! But which one are you going to choose? There are likely hundreds of companies in the US alone making literally thousands of different products in this category. So, which one should you take? More than likely you don’t want to be taking pills all day and try to get as much nutrition as you from your diet. However, few if any of us eats the proper diet, so supplemental nutrition is important. Let’s see if we can sort some out some of the hype about nutritional supplements.
  • Many people think that the word "diet" is just like many other "four-letter" words! However, if we think of it as a "food plan", then it's just a great way to configure our lives around food that supports a healthy body. This article will review some of the concepts about food that can make it easy to include in a healthy lifestyle.



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